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From where to stay, what to do, where to eat and  how to get around the island; this is the ultimate guide to Bali to make sure you make the MOST out of your trip.

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Section 1 covers what you need to prepare for your trip here including; 

  • any vaccines you need to get,

  • things you need to pack, 

  • things to prepare before arrival, 

  • VOAs or long-stay visas and how to apply for them

  • the current entry requirements and how to check for these (they change constantly! 

  • getting money out before you come V using the ATMs here 

  • which debit cards you should bring for good exchange rates 

  • preparing for rainy season in Bali

  • staying safe! (super important!!!)

  • And lastly, how much to budget for a month 

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Section 2 covers what to do when you have arrived including; 

  • how to get around Bali (bike/car) and numbers for bike rentals and drivers I have used previously 

  • getting connected - where to find a SIM card! 

  • where you can get rapid covid tests for trips 

  • how to meet people in Bali if you're travelling alone 

  • how to check for daily events and restaurant promos! 

Section 3: 

  • amenities in Bali; 

  • food shopping and where to go 

  • gyms in Bali 

  • healthcare in Bali 

The Ultimate Bali Guide: About

Section 4: 

  • A WHOLE section for the gals; 

  • where to get your nails DID including my favourite salons and my favourite nail tech (and her number)

  • Where to go for spa days if you're looking for insta or TikTok content 

  • Where to go for spa days if you want a good massage (for £5)

  • Where to get lash extensions! 

  • Hairdressers in Bali including the best ones for hair extensions fitting and colouring! 

  • Where to get your brows done, waxing and filler if you wanted it! 

Section 5: 

  • For the guys inc barbers (approved by my guy friends)

  • Where to get massages etc 

Section 6: 

  • is for everyone! 

  • where can you get tattoos? 

  • WHERE TO SHOP IN BALI - this is mf important lol 

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The last sections 

So the last few sections are definitely the most important and the chunkiest! 

Where to stay in Bali  (depending on your vibe and budget)

  •  a HUGE list of places to stay that are cheap, medium and high priced in popular areas to stay 

What is there to do in Bali? 

  • including tips for every single area, places to eat, nightlife and places for sightseeing! 

How to get to the Nusa and Gili Islands

  • including legit tour guides or boat bookings and what you can do on your trips there! 

Finally; a two week Bali itinerary for your trip! 

The Ultimate Bali Guide: About

My Bali Group


As soon as you purchase the guide you'll get full access to my Bali Group! 

A safe space for anyone about to travel to Bali who's looking to ask more Qs, make new friends and discover more recommended places. 

Every time I explore more of Bali, I add all the details into the group so everyone can explore them too! 

The Ultimate Bali Guide: About
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The Ultimate Bali Guide: Reviews
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