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Bali Budget Guide

Want to come to Bali but don't want to break the bank?

Here you have it; a guide to assist you travel bali on the smallest budget possible!  

Planning your trip but worried about costs?

Look no further, this guide highlights over 27 areas in Bali worth visiting with recommendations for stays and activities that won't break the bank! 

From climbing volcanoes to surfing, exploring Waterfalls to snorkelling. This guide covers everything you need to enjoy Bali as cheaply as can be! 

Bali Budget Guide: About
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So.. what is included?

Let's take a look;

  • What to pack for Bali if you're coming here on a budget, including things to buy to ensure you're always safe and comfortable! 

  • An introduction to the Island and information about the culture, the language and the currency 

  • How to get around Bali

  • How to find the best promo deals for both food AND drinking 

Bali Budget Guide: About

Section 2;

How to choose somewhere to stay;

  • A map of Bali and a short introduction to all the possible areas you could spend your time 

  • A breakdown of the main nightlife in Bali to see whether you want to arrange your trip to be close to it or not 

  • How to decide what sort of accommodation to have 

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Bali Budget Guide: About

Section 3;

The 27

  • The largest part of the guide, a breakdown of areas ALL over the island that you can stay in and the cheapest high rated stays I could find, loads are under £5 a night! ALL the hostels and guest houses listed have at LEAST a 4/5 rating and all the reviews are recent! 

  • Here you'll find 27 different areas covering the South, East, North and West of Bali that you can visit! 

  • You will also find a whole list of things to do on a budget in those areas! 

  • Each section has at 10 budget options for places to stay and at least 10 activities such as snorkelling, ATV riding, water rafting, relaxing at beach clubs, exploring waterfalls etc. 

Bali Budget Guide: Welcome

Section 4;

The Islands

  • A breakdown of Bali's best neighbouring islands and how to get there ​

  • My favourite cheap places to stay in the Nusa Islands - some are literally inSANE 

  • The best things to do when you arrive (relaxing and exploratory!) 

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Bali Budget Guide: About

Section 5;

The Itineraries

  • Not only have I made it super easy for you to plan your trip to Bali, I have also curated 2 itineraries depending on your kind of vibe! 

  • The relaxing itinerary - 2 weeks making the most of being on a tropical island; sightseeing and sunning yourselves! 

  • The explorer itinerary - 2 weeks of discovering some of Bali's hidden gems, hiking volcanoes and uncovering the best waterfalls! 

Bali Budget Guide: Welcome

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