That Bali Bitch

After 2 years in Bali, I am here to make your holiday as stress-free and seamless as possible!


Who TF am I?

I am that Bali Bitch. I've been living in Bali since the start of the pandemic and I have made it my mission to explore every inch of this beautiful island, as well as all the neighbouring islands. 

I condensed all my knowledge into different guides to help you plan your holiday, trip or even help you move to Bali. 

I also create personalised itineraries for those of you who don't want to shift through an outdated TripAdvisor to find stuff to do! 


What I Offer;

Everything you need for a fabulous trip! 

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This is a COMPREHENSIVE guide to Bali and it includes EVERYTHING you need to know about your trip here including visas, packing, insurance, where to go, where to stay, what to do etc

The Ultimate Bali Guide

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Sit back, relax and plan your honeymoon with me FULL guide to a romantic stay in and around Bali. Over 130 pages of the most romantic stays, experiences and restaurants.

The Honeymoon/Couples Guide to Bali

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THIS is everything you need to know about travelling Bali and surrounding areas without breaking the bank. It includes all the activities you can do on a budget (water rafting, quad biking, waterfalls etc), where to stay across the ENTIRE island (all under £10-15 a night) and a breakdown on things you should know about Bali!

Guide to Travelling Bali on a Budget 

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Whilst my time in Bali has been the best time of my life, losing my hair to hard, unfiltered water certainly wasn't. Grab my filter and I will send it to wherever you're staying in Bali - with same day delivery!

My Shower Filter

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Planning your holiday can be super mf stressful as we all know. Let me take that away and use my years of expertise to plan you the holiday of your dreams. Make sure to include anything you want to see or places you want to visit!

Personalised Itineraries